Gadgets you need for your cabin in the woods

Your little piece of paradise in untouched nature could benefit from some technology. Solve some usual wood cabin problems using modern tech gadgets, all the while holding on to your little place to unplug and unwind.

  • Biofilter

The biofilter is a device that cleans wastewater from a smaller object. You can use it in your cabin in the woods to secure an additional and constant source of drinkable water.
EBook Reader (Kindle)

Is there anything better than warming up in front of the fire in your cabin with a good book? However, it’s unlikely that you’ll have books there or remember to bring them with you on your drive. If you have a Kindle, you’ll have access to millions of books. All you need is electricity as far as it’s concerned.

  • Generator

Sure, you went to the woods to unplug and relax, but what’s modern life without electricity? At least to charge your phone in case of emergency or to use a lamp. Ok, maybe watch a show or two and catch up on Facebook…

Generators are a must-have to get some juice in your cabin in the woods. It can serve as an additional source of power, or the only one if your cabin doesn’t have electricity. If your cabin is “juiceless“, you can go with a solar-powered generator. It’s a great way to get some free electricity, while also being very eco-friendly and green. On average, it takes about 12 “sun hours“ to charge a solar-powered generator, which provides about 4 hours of electricity use (TV, internet, radio, light). See our recommendations.

  • Portable Coffee Maker

Just like with electricity, you got away to your cabin in the woods to take a breather from the hectic hustle and bustle of daily city life. However, some things we just can’t do without. If you’re a coffee-head and need your cup in the morning, make sure to get a portable coffee maker for your cabin in the woods! It looks like a thermos and it’s really small, light and easy to operate.

  • Drone

Time for some exploring and fun! The surrounding nature around your cabin is something worth exploring by a walk, run or drive. However, you can get amazing images and videos of the surroundings using a drone, all the while staying in the comfort of your cabin or its vicinity.

  • Portable mosquito repeller

Bugs can ruin even the best of times and hangouts in nature. This is a device that keeps mosquitos and other bugs away from your crowd and lets you enjoy your time outdoors without annoying insects. How does it work? It creates a 15-feet fragrance sphere which can be placed anywhere you’d like and which will repel mosquitos in that area.

A smartwatch is a great piece of tech to own generally, but in wood cabin terms it proves to be extremely useful. You can use GPS during your hikes, stay up to speed with happenings like messages and calls from the “civilized world“, use a compass, view the weather forecast, etc.